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If you are interested with doing a sustainable project, here are few options you can choose to incorporate to your project:
- Choosing to retrofit instead of building new: it will save resources and will lower your environmental impact.
- Designing the space with Passive Solar Principles: it is an energy efficient way to control the temperature in your house
- Building a smaller house: it uses fewer materials and less energy in heating and lighting than a big house.
- Collecting rain water: it is a simple and effective way to reduce your water charges and demand on mains water supply
- Integrating new technology such as solar hot water or wind turbines: it will lower the country’s carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation and help to become more self reliant.
- Using eco-friendly, sustainable and local resources: it will reduce your carbon footprint
- Building with low toxicity materials and installing adequate ventilation: it will improve indoor air quality and provide a drier, warmer, and healthier living environment.

A good sustainable design is good for you + good for the earth …

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